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Enigma con Variazioni

..Perpetual Motion...

16 October
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Wow... I remember, in my past life, traveling with Sarasate in his many wicked endeavors. Yes I eXperienced the Romantic era... romantic it was. INTRODUCTION AND TARANTELLA! ... made, solo, and enchanted piece I really love this colorful world that pains me.

adrenaline rushes, andre rieu, asylums, bach, ballon animals, ballons, band-aids, bartok, beethoven, black, black and white, black and white anything, black and white stripes, black holes, black lights, black magic, black roses, blood, blue, boccherini, bruch!, bugs, bungee jumping, cadavers, caduceus, cemetaries, cherries, classical music, clowns, clowns that bite, computers, cracked glass, critters, death, digital cameras, drawing, driving, dying, eccles, edgar allan poe, enigma, entertainment magic, evil clowns, fish, flying, forensics, forensics pathology, freak shows, freaks, friends, fruit, ghost, go-gurt, goths, handel, happy clowns, happy clowns dying, haunted houses, hoffmeister, horror films, horror occult, house of mirrors, introduction and tarantella, itzhak perlman, joshua bell, knives, krazed freaks, levitating, lightning, lions, living dead, lost souls, magic, mangos, maxim vengerov, medical dictionaries, medicine, mendelssohn, mortuary science, movies, mozart, music, musicians, neon lights, nice people, old people, oldies, paganini, painting, pathology, peaches, pennywise the clown, people, pepsi, photography, piano, poetry, puppies, puzzles, quiet places, rain, reading, red, riddles, robots, roller coasters!, sarasate, sarasate!, schubert, schumann, shadows, sheet music, shrek, six flags, spider webs, spiders, stabbing people, stamitz, strawberries, tchaikovsky, telemann, the bermuda triangle, the circus, the romantic era, things that bite, thunderstorms, unchained melody, vanessa mae, vertigo, viola, violin, violinists, violists, vivaldi, voodoo, watermelons, weber, white, white magic, white tigers, yogurt, zapateado, zebras,